The Benefits of Working with The Dave Halpern Real Estate Group

About Dave Halpern:

  • Most importantly, I care about helping you avoid foreclosure.
  • Track Record! I successfully close dozens of short sale listings each year
  • Enthusiastically satisfied clients – I have many testimonials
  • Capable
  • Trained
  • Experienced
  • Organized
  • Systemized
  • Has a team that negotiates and processes short sales
  • Again, most importantly, everyone in our organization cares about helping clients avoid foreclosure. Our goal is to help you get the house debt out of your life and have your lender forgive any deficiency, in writing!
  • We have helped many sellers in Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Shelby and Nelson Counties
  • We typically get the foreclosing lenders to forgive tens of thousands of your debt above the sales price!
  • The bank pays all your commissions and closing costs.

Loan Modification is often a gateway to a foreclosure disaster.

Are you fed up with the runaround your lender is giving you? Is your loan modification stuck or denied? A short sale may be better than a loan modification.


My husband and I had a first and second mortgage on our home. We had borrowed 125%. We got behind on both mortgages and we had to pay even more on our payments than usual. We could not refinance or sell our house because we owed much more than it was worth. We called Dave Halpern and he gave us a solution. We were able to relieve our debt with zero out of pocket.

- Shain. Louisville KY,

My husband Steven and I found our dream home, so we thought. A little over a year into our $1,000 mortgage payment, we found it extremely difficult to remain current with our house payment. Unfortunately we had to borrow money from a cash advance business just to have food, gas, utilities, and money for medicine. Meeting Dave Halpern was truly, truly a blessing to us. He saved our lives! He was able to get over $46,000 knocked off our loan. I don't know about other we buy home businesses, but I know and I believe in Dave Halpern. I will truly say that he helped us. Our problem was real and so was the solution. We were able to close on our home and be free from debt in just 3 months. Thank you Dave. We appreciate everything you did for us. The words on this paper can't even express how we appreciate everything. Thank you so much.

- Steve and Chaire. Louisville KY

We could not afford to keep the house so I called Sunshine Homes and Dave took the debt off to where we would have to be out no money at all and kept it out of foreclosure. I thought it too good to be true, but the lender forgave about $40,000.

- Brenda. Louisville KY

As you know, we as agents must continually strive to work together. I truly do appreciate your professionalism. The industry needs more agents like you! I am looking forward to having another transaction with you in the near future.

- Realtor. Louisville KY

We are writing you to thank you greatly for your kindness, sincerity, and honesty during our time of financial trouble. We must say that we were very skeptical in calling you. Our first thoughts were, this cannot be legitimate. Upon calling and setting up a meeting, I was told by many of my associates that this kind of business was a scam. Once we met and discussed our situation, you made us feel very comfortable with your type of business and also made us aware of a lot of real estate regulations and procedures. You handled everything, leaving us burden free. Letting us know periodically every step that was being taken right up to the day you called us and said, "As of today, we were debt free," everything was complete. And you were definitely God sent. We know every situation is different, but we would highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you so very much.

- Gary and Vanessa, Louisville KY

There is no way I can explain what David Halpern has done for me. He saved my financial life. I have in the past 10 years gone through Breast Cancer and have come very close to losing my home more than once. With Dave's help he has given me a new start in life. I have already recommended a friend and would be more than happy to speak to anyone about my personal situation. Working with professionals like Dave, Hope, and Eve is just one more thing that I can thank God for every day of my life. Additionally, if I had contacted Dave two years ago, I would have been in a much better situation today. Do it now, don't wait.

- Mary, Louisville KY

I would like to say that I am extremely impressed and appreciative of Dave Halpern and Hope. My short sale took 5 months, but they were constantly working on it and were in constant communication with me regarding the status. They were able to help me in a situation where I thought foreclosure was the only answer, and I am very happy with the results.

- Shauna. Louisville KY

Sitting in our living room on a Friday afternoon in April 2007, we asked ourselves how we got to this point in our lives. We were both hard working Americans but due to a life event, were faced with the inability to pay our mortgage payments. We were worried, embarassed, overwhlemed and were losing sleep. We felt we had no where to turn, no one to talk to. We were being bombarded by insulting letters and scare tactics from various companies and individuals that made us feel incompetent and insulted our intelligence. We tried to do the right thing by listing our home with an agent six months earlier but never received any offers. We owed significantly more than the house was worth.

We came across Dave's advertising that promised a solution. We contacted Dave that afternoon. He immediately answered and came to our home the following day.

Dave spent the next four hours talking to us, looking through our mortgage statements and legal documents. He provided a detailed explanation of the process. He was very calm, organized, and knowledgeable. He did not pressure us in any way. This helped calm our fears and skepticism. We decided to allow Dave to help us. When he left that day, we had hope.

Dave Halpern and Hope Benham spent the next few months working with our first and second mortgage companies. We were amazed by their level of knowledge and ability to navigate all obstacles and situations that were thrown their way. They kept us updated regularly and were available day or night to answer our questions.

We are happy to say that we sold our home in September 2007. It did not cost us anything out of our pocket. Closing costs, attorney fees and property taxes were included in the sale.

Dave Halpern got the lenders to forgive $150,000 of our debt. (This is not a typo! One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars!) If someone told us we could eliminate over $150,000 of debt, we would have to say they are crazy! IT IS TRUE!!! WE ARE LIVING PROOF THAT IT WORKS!!! We only wish we had called him months earlier!

Save the embarassment. Get this done fast! The problem is not going to go away by itself. TAKE ACTION NOW!

-Pat and Kelli. Fisherville, KY

I just wanted to send a card to say thanks to you and your staff. I didn't even know what a short sale was but you explained and helped me to obtain it. I can't tell you how good it feels to once again have extra money out of my check. Again, the short sale was easy and great. Thank you so much.

-Rhonda. Louisville KY

Moved very quickly to get house listed.

Took care of all the details with mortgage company and buyers.

We owed a lot more than the house could sell for, no realtor would work with us.

Walked away owing zero!

Debt was forgiven, property taxes paid, HOA fees and other debts.

Kept us up to date on all action.

We previously worked with a company that said they worked on short sales, sold us a bunch of promises and did nothing. Dave came to our rescue.

We have much praise and thanks to Dave and his staff for their hard work and help. We highly recommend the Halpern Group.

-Ken. Louisville KY

I just wanted to take the time and thank you and your wonderful staff for all your hard work in selling our home! We honestly (my husband, Tom and I) thought we were in a hopeless situation with no easy solution, that was until we found you...we were literally at our "wit's end" the day I searched the internet and came across your ad. I then saw a good rating on the BBB and decided to give you a call and shoot you an email. Right away, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly you responded- literally within minutes of me posting an inquiry on your website! Once you called, I immediately felt completely at ease and for the first time in a year and a half (that's how long our house had been up for sale!), I saw the first glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel! We met right after and you took the time to go over everything and in depth - the work we had to do was minimal - you and your staff did so much! You guys all kept in constant contact with me and kept us aware of everything going on - you really went "to bat" for us and that gave us much needed peace of mind. Tom and I were so skeptical of who to call and what we should and should not do. After meeting you, we knew that we finally made the right decision. Although we closed days ago, I am still in shock at how quickly, professionally and smoothly it all happened. I only wish we found you sooner. You and your staff have truly been a God send. Their patience with all my phone calls and questions was so appreciated. Hope had told me to call her at anytime (and I did) and no matter how ofen I called, she was always helpful, friendly, and reassuring - you just don't run into that everyday. What a wonderful staff and we thank you!!

Dave, thanks again for everything and doing what seemed like the impossible for us! It was such a pleasure working with you and I refer and will continue to refer you to anyone I can!

-Tom and Heather. Shelbyville, KY

I want to thank your company for the wonderful experience of being out of a bad situation. The closing for the short sell was amazing. Thank you for lifting this financial burden. I will pass on this information to anyone that needs a new start. Thank you again.

-Sonya. Louisville KY

Thanks to Dave Halpern, I was able to sell my house fast. I was in a real financial bind due to a recent divorce and illness. I was on the brink of foreclosure when I called Dave. Dave was able to buy my house in a matter of weeks and lifted the financial burden off of me. It was such a relief to have a person like Dave help me, he answered all my questions and was very helpful. I would recommend him to others who find themselves in a position like I was in.

-Michael. Louisville KY

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